Shane Zentz Resumé

Check out the Resume of Shane Zentz here. My resume is available in most any format that you would like, including PDF, Word Document, and even online at Google Docs. So feel free to check out my resume. As always, feel free as well to contact me with any questions or maybe even an offer of employment. Thanks for visiting Shane Zentz's internet home and I hope you enjoy your visit!

As an aside, everyone has their own philosophy on work, and I have my own philosophy on work as well. And I thought I would take a moment and share it with you here. I have had many different types of jobs in my working life. My first job was actually a newspaper delivery job when I was just thirteen years old. That job only lasted one summer, but I did earn enough to purchase a new bike, which was the reason I took the job in the first place. However, I was still very young and admittingly not all that interested in working. What 13 year old is interested in working? As time went on I eventually learned of the importance of getting and keeping a job and later on of being independant. It is with this work philosophy and work ethic that I have flourished in most any kind of job that I have had since then. My idea is that I should do my absolute best every day, every hour of every day, as a matter of fact. Work hard and do an excellent amount of work of the most excellent quality, is mainly my philosophy. And this philosophy has served me very well throughout my working life. I would be willing to bet you if you contacted my previous employers, that most if not all would re-hire me without any exceptions. And that based on nothing more than my work ethic and attitude towards work, and the amount and quality of the work that I do on any job that I have.

Below you can find my most current resume in various formats: