Current Projects by Shane Zentz

Check out some of the current projects that I'm currently working on below. Some are complete or nearly complete yet others I've just started.


I'm currently working on redoing the Generallax php theme (which early versions are shown below), to make it more complete and modern....

Here is a preview of the new build of my Generallax php theme (which i am calling Generallax 2)
Generallax 2
check back for updates, it will be done and released soon.


Here is a complete website that I made using the original Generallax php theme listed below. I also created a php/mysql script which draws 50 random websites from a database of the top million websites in the world and displays various information about those 50 websites.
WARNING: many of the websites in the top one million websites in the world contain ADULT CONTENT and should NOT be viewed by minors, if you visit this website and have a look there may be offensive websites displayed. So view tthis website at your own risk, and we take no responsibility for the content owned and published by others on the internet!
Having said that here is the link:


A php/html complete website theme, which I started from scratch, it includes a psuedo parallax homepage, is mobile friendly, comes with a photo gallery template, and complete layouts templates for pages with a sidebar and also full-width pages without sidebar. It is intended as a boilerplate or starter template for a complete website. Just change the colors/images and tweak it to your liking. The whole file is about 1/2 MB and can be downloaded HERE.

Here is an updated version with some css updates as well as sliding banners added to layout, this is version 1.3. You can see it here and the layout example is here, or download the zip file HERE.
My next step for this project is to port this php/html theme to a wordpress theme, so check back in the near future.

Here is the early version of the wordpress theme created from the above project. It is not yet complete, but is fully functional and you can use it or modify it as you might see fit. You can download the zip file HERE.

A GetSimple CMS theme, also ported from the above php the link to the left to download the theme from the GetSimple Extend Page....

A Grav CMS theme, also ported from the above php the link to download the theme from the Grav Themes Page....And the GitHub repo is Generallax GitHub Repo

A php sitemap generator, is a work in progress but is fully functional at this point. It will crawl the root directory and any subdirectories of the server it is installed on, *** doesn't work with wordpress (or other database based sites). This is an early version so test it out at your own risk.....

A php website crawler, is a work in progress but is fully functional at this point. It will crawl either the homepage of a website, or the entire website, then get all content, images, paragraph text, H1's, H2's, etc. Then displays information about the page or site, and at end lets the user download either a webpage or text file with the same information. I plan to add more functionaliaty to it later on when I have time.

A 3D CSS Menu, just experimenting with CSS transform properties to create a 3D menu using only CSS and HTML.

Some CSS Infographics, with CSS and HTML5, just testing some cool infographics on codepen here.