Shane Zentz Graphic Design

Check out graphics created by Shane Zentz, including photography, advertisements, brochures, and graphics created with Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, and other computer graphics applications. I have been creating computer graphics of all kinds since around 2007 or so, and have gained substantial skills and knowledge with the creation of graphics of all kinds, including several print advertisements that have appeared in nation-wide popular magazines. All the graphics on links below are examples of work created by Shane Zentz. In short, I have been creating computer graphics since at least 2007 and have gotten pretty good at it. I mainly use Photoshop, but I also use Adobe's Illustrator, Gimp, and even Corel's Photo editor and Paint, as well as other computer graphics applications. Feel free to look around and also feel free to contact me (through the contact link in menu above) with any comments or questions about my graphics work. Thanks for visiting Shane Zentz Website and enjoy your visit!

This page is divided up into sections for examples of my work in Photoshop, Illustrator, Logos, Advertisements, Photography, and even a miscellaneous section as well. So go ahead and have a look at all of the links and pages here to get a good idea of the computer graphics work done by Shane Zentz. And remember if you need any computer graphics work done, feel free to contact me as I can do most any graphics that you or your organization may need, including, but not limited to: logos, advertisements, photo manipulation and editing, and even more, etc. I am sure you will be pleased with any computer graphics work that I would complete for you or your organization, and you may well also be pleasentaly surprised with the low cost as well. So consider me for your next computer graphics projects and you will not regret it. Remember, I can work in Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, or most any other graphics program, so whatever your project would involve you can rest assured that I would get the job done professionally, on time, and on budget. So feel free to contact me (use the contact link above), best way is through email. Also have a look at my resume and the rest of my website if you are interested in my other types of work.

Photoshop Work

Shane Zentz Photoshop Work Check out some examples of work done by Shane Zentz using Adobe's Photoshop software. Starting from CS2 (creative suite) and up to and including CC (creative cloud), I have been using photoshop for graphic design, creation, and manipluation for quite some time now. Here you will see several pages of photo galleries of some of my previous work. Read More

Illustrator Work

Shane Zentz Illustrator Work Check out some of the work by Shane Zentz using Adobe's Illustrator graphic design computer program. Illustrator is a bit tough to learn and master but it is very powerful graphic design software and with it one can create stunning and professional computer graphics. See some examples of my work in Illustrator in this photo gallery. Read More


Advertisements by Shane Zentz Check out some of the professional advertisements and professional product brochures that have been created by Shane Zentz. I usually use Adobe's InDesign to create print advertisements as well as product brochures or really anything that will need to be professionally printed. Some of my advertisements have appeared in nation-wide magazines while others have been distributed by the thousands at large events. Read More


Shane Zentz Photography Check out some of the best photography by Shane Zentz in this photo gallery. This is just a small example of the photography work done by Shane Zentz. I mainly use a Sony Alpha 250 for high resolution photography, with various lenses. But this camera is a little dated compared to newer models now available, so I hope to upgrade soon and continue to improve my digital photography skills. Read More